Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Loose ends.

Yeah, I know. It's been awhile. I haven't necessarily been terribly busy...just terribly tired. The last week of April I went on a business trip that kicked my butt. Too far, too much hassle, too long away from my family. We're also in the process of buying a minivan (sigh), which has been far more stressful than it needs to be.

The Peanut is rapidly approaching his first birthday, and he's doing great. I think sometimes in my attempt not to be a scary mommy-blogger, I forget to tell everyone how awesome my son is. He's pretty darn awesome. He's all over the place now, learning new words every day and just generally being adorable.

We got to see The Pumpkin on an ultrasound last week, and everything looks great! The tech thinks she was able to see the gender, but we will know for sure at our next ultrasound in a few weeks. I am starting to show a little bit, but thanks to all that wonderful morning sickness, I actually weigh less now than I did before I got pregnant.

I also recently celebrated the first of many 29th birthdays. It's always an event when our crew goes out to dinner. Aside from Hubs, Peanut, and myself, you have the Bestie, OtherBestie, their husbands, and their kids (four total). Craziness. Thankfully we had an awesome server who earned every penny of the very generous tip we left him. We love you, Tim!

So what have you guys been up to?


Salt said...

Happy belated birthday to you and welcome back to Blogland. :)

I got ahold of Oregon Trail (thanks to you) and have died of dysentery three times!

nikki said...

Welcome back. And welcome to the minivan club! If it helps, I'm in love with my Mazda 5. (Consumer Reports calls the 5 a 'microvan,' which makes me feel so much better). Once you go minivan, you never go back.

Your kid is gearing up for a word explosion. Between 15 and 18 months, my kid went from three words to three word sentences.

Sadako said...

Glad to hear back from you! Happy belated! and that's awesome about the ultrasound. Hope you feel better re: morning sickness.

michelle said...

welcome back :) i've been squeeing over ultrasounds for the last 24 hours. babies make me happy lol

happy belated birthday. glad the extravaganza went well with that many people :)

Alison said...

Happy belated birthday!

And happy birthday to the Peanut!

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