Sunday, April 18, 2010

Trail mix.

Like most people my age who attended pubic school, I logged many hours in the computer lab as a kid, playing games like Carmen SanDiego and Oregon Trail on the Apple IIGS. Oregon Trail was always my favorite, mainly because I liked to plug in my friend's names and see how many of them lived until the end. Today I will be recreating this experience, using some blog friends.

Let's travel the trail, shall we?

I decide to be a Banker from Boston, because I like alliteration. And I'm all about the Benjamins, baby.
In my wagon, we have:
Myself, Sadako of Dibbly Fresh, Nikki of Are You There Youth? It's Me, Nikki, Hutch from Be Awesome Instead, and Amber from Nostomanic. Let's buy some supplies and get moving!

And now we face one of life's greatest decisions: caulk or ford?

Let's caulk.

But soon after, our first illness:

We'd better rest.

We reach a gravesite. Let's look around.

Tragic. But not as tragic as this:


We must press on, wagon train.

Uh oh, here we go again. Perhaps Nikki will have a heartier constitution than Sadako.

So far so good. And check it out! We scored some sweet loot!

But our good luck doesn't last. Jerk.

Nikki! Come on now, pull yourself together. We don't have time for your digestive infections.

For real, Nikki?

And the health issues continue.

Now Amber has wandered off.

I hired an Indian guide to help us across the Snake River. Let's see how that worked out:

I want my two sets of clothing back.

Food is getting low, perhaps I should hunt.

I can only kill bison because they are slow and I have poor hand-eye coordination.

We're almost there! We'd better take the toll road. We've had enough tragedy for one trip.

We made it! And despite all the death, we got a high score.


Shannon SVH said...

Hahaha, love it.

Sadako said...

I always loved killing those slow bison. So satisfying! And this is why there are so few of them left today in real life.

Oh, Oregon Trail! It so symbolizes how we are. Thanks for putting me in. Man, I have a weak constitution, eh? In real life I'd die in about a red hot New York minute on the trail. I have a fast metabolism and am bad at putting on weight for the long haul, I am nearsighted, have allergies, oh, and I complain a LOT. :D

Hutch said...

haha, that is AWESOME! and I'm so referencing that in my post going up shortly! People should take me along the trail more often, I'm obviously the most drama-free buddy :)

Salt said...

I'm here from Hutch's and I must know where you got this game. I was OBSESSED with Oregon Trail when I was younger.

PS. I'm glad Hutch didn't die and I'm sorry about Nikki.

nikki said...

I'm dying over here. Well, of laughter. Evidently I should have died instead of Sadako. Typhoid, Dysentery AND a fever? Whew.

Oregon Trail day in school was the freaking bomb.

Amber said...

This is hilarious! I was sure that I was going to be the one with dysentery. I wonder where I'd wandered off to with that broken arm? I'm such a weirdo.

Kim said...

Oregon Trail was the BEST EVER!!!!!!!!

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