Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just say not in my apartment.

I don't smoke pot.

It's just not for me. Not to mention getting high is really isn't a recommended recreational activity for pregnant women. But either way, I don't get down with the ganja.

Do I care if others smoke pot? Not really. I mean, I have personal opinions about recreational drug use, but honestly? What you do in your home is your business, not mine.

However, what you do in the lobby of my apartment building? Totally my business.

I was at home yesterday, sitting in my recliner and enjoying reruns of Project Runway. All of the sudden, I smelled something funny. It smelled like something was burning. I walked around our apartment to make sure nothing was on fire. Everything was normal. So far, so good.

I sat back down, and realized it kind of smelled like someone was smoking a cigarette out in our common area. Since it is prominently posted that this is a no smoking area, I was ready to go out and raise some hell.

I opened the door and...WHAM. Someone had been smoking, alright. The hallways reeked of marijuana. I could have gotten a free high just by checking my mail. This was the smell that was gradually seeping into my apartment.

Ok, this is the part where I get totally square and uncool, so bear with me. This is the lobby I walk through every day with my INFANT SON. Not to mention the unborn child relying on me for its oxygen. In just a few minutes, my husband would be coming home with my baby and passing through this very lobby, and my son was going to have to breathe this air. And I don't like it when people eff with my kid(s). So I called both our property manager and the police non-emergency line. Yes, I know. I am that crazy lady.

Both our property manager and the police officer I talked to were extremely nice. We assessed the residents of my building: two single elderly people and my family. The officer suspects that someone came over and decided our lobby was a nice, secluded place to get high. She said the smell was so strong and so concentrated in that area that she doubts it came from one of the apartments. I'm glad it's probably not one of my neighbors, but upset that someone picked my building to be their personal smoke out area.

Little do they know they messed with the wrong mama bear. Try it again and see what happens!


T. The Destructor said...

That does suck, you have every right to be 'square' I'd be square to with a infant son, and an unborn baby to worry about. Trust me, if I had been in your situation, I would have raised all kinds of hell. People would never come back to my apartment that's for sure.

Sadako said...

Ugh, really gross. For a non smoker, smoke can suck.

Also, yay for PR reruns.

Alison said...


That is not what you or the kiddos needs! You were completely justified in being 'square.'

Tracy said...

I have totally been there, being the un-hip square calling the non emergency line on the chicks smoking pot at the park WHILE I'M THERE WITH MY WEEK OLD BABY. Seriously!
I think we should start a club of late 20's parents who are actually old cranky farts. Booya. Don't mess with the mama's.

nikki said...

For real, I don't blame you. I smoked my share of pot in college but I wouldn't even do it in my dorm room like a lot of other potheads because people who don't smoke do NOT need to be subjected to it!

Anonymous said...

I'm all about the ganja, but that's just rude.

Jane Marie said...

You guys make me feel a little more sane! Like I said, what people do in their houses is their business, but my hallway is a different story!

I have a feeling it was probably teenagers...I remember trying to find a place to do whatever it was I wasn't supposed to do.

Sadako - Bravo was showing reruns of Christian's season, which I hadn't seen in forever!

Cecilia said...

Oh my...that's pretty silly that people do that. My problem with our main lobby is that people will yoink packages :(

But.....what if it WAS the two elderly people??? I mean, there's medical marijuana and all...It's a possibility now-a-days... :) said...

I would have been upset too.

Hey wanted you to know we are having a contest for preggo moms see my blo for details:)

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit said...

You totally did the right thing. Doing that around an adult is rude at the very least, but doing that around infants is seriously not at all cool. I'd have been *furious* if I were in your shoes.

The Ashes said...

You tell them mama bear!

Sadako said...

Oh man, I haven't seen that one in so long!

I'm actually rewatching PR season one and it's almost like a different show. The designs are SO outrageous! In some ways more fun but they're all SO costumey.

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