Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bloggin' roll high school.

Lately I have been putting a lot (too much?) of thought into what high school would have been like if I went to school with my favorite bloggers. My high school experience wasn't overly traumatic, but it wasn't totally awesome either. I didn't get picked on, but being a member of the Drama Club didn't exactly get me on the cool list either. I was dorky, flat-chested, and took a lot of AP classes, but I was also comfortable with who I was and didn't really care what my classmates thought of me. Truthfully, high school is actually kind of a blur to me now, possibly because of all the alcohol I drank in college.

Please keep in mind I graduated in 1999, so I have no idea what high school is like today. This is all coming to via my 90s-influenced filter.

At my lunch table: I think my main crew would have consisted of Nikki, Sadako, Amber, Alison, and Shannon. Why? Though I don't write a YA book or nostalgia blog like they do, I know from reading them that they are kindred spirits. Meaning they're book nerds, like me. And I mean that with all the love in the world! Plus, Amber would have to be my friend because she is the only other person I have ever met who has heard of the show Fifteen.

In my AP classes: You'd find Tiffani, Cecilia, and Ashley. These girls are just smart, yo. Hopefully they would let me work with them on group projects.

Editor of the newspaper: Michelle, my favorite activist! And Kim would edit the literary magazine.

Fashion icon: Tracy, for sure. Hopefully she would give me a "She's All That" style makeover. I didn't dress that bad in high school; I just looked like a refugee from a GAP explosion. My color palate ranged from khaki to navy blue, with the occasional pastel if I was feeling dangerous.

Too cool to hang out with me: LeMeh. She is totally bad ass. Also, probably Kiran, because she is so cute and talented. I like to think they would take pity on a nerd like me and let me tag along every now and then.

Boy Magnet: Steph, for sure. This girl gets all the dates!

Who would be at your Bloggin' Roll High School?


Steph said...

I totally watched 15! In fact there is a guy on ebay that can sell you all seasons on VHS....he's willing to convert them to DVD as well. Nuts, right!?

I had ZERO dates in high school :/ Let me repeat ZERO haha

Cecilia said...

Hahaha! That's so much fun!! Yay, class of '99!

I also took a ton of AP classes, though I didn't always do well on the tests :) nerd here :) In fact, I literally just did a post about geeking out about the universe...

T. The Destructor said...

I love this post! :D I am totally honored that you think I'd be in the AP teachers in high school would have laughed at that LOL. Oh

nikki said...

Au Contraire about Fifteen. My whole family watched that show over and over and over. The best was when Nick would have weekend marathons and we'd sit and watch all weekend long. My sister and I have even emailed Nickelodeon on a few occasions to ask them to release it on DVD. Most craptacular show ever!

Also, I would have probably had a much happier high school experience if I'd had you at my lunch table. :/

Alison said...

I'm amused that I made the lunch table but not the AP classes.

Cause I took five AP classes. All of which I skipped multiple times in the pursuit of food.

Such a fun post!

Sadako said...

Ha! Awesomeness. I love that I'm at your lunch table. Would have been a huge improvement to where I did go where no one really got me. Glad to know there's a seat saved for me in your school of blog!

Shannon SVH said...

This is such a great post! I'm with Sadako, yours would have been a much better lunch table than the one I had!

Tracy said...

Go class of 99!
Flat chested, dorky AP student...just add some frizzy hair and that's my high school MO. I wanted to dress with my own style but was too scared of getting made fun of. I wore crewneck sweatshirts and (what now look like) mom jeans pretty much everyday. Maybe I'll post of picture of myself in highschool on my blog...or maybe not. ;) I'd much rather be 29 than 18, that's for sure!

Anonymous said...

Looove this idea.

Sadly, you're probably right, because I was a HUGE bitch in high school and pretty much thought I was way too non-conformist and awesome to hang out with anyone would wasn't an "I'm too cool for this" stoner like I was.

Which is why these days I'm an unemployed loser who barely graduated high school and never made it to college!

ANYWAY....I'd totally hang out with you now though! Hah :D

Amber said...

Haha! We totally would have hung out in high school, no doubt about it!

Kim said...

Ha! This is hilarious!

michelle said...

yay editor! lol only a month late on seeing this :p

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