Friday, February 12, 2010

I promise I'm not an idiot.

Hubs: Did you hear? Clinton was in the hospital. He had two clogged arteries.

Me: What? Clinton Kelly? Oh no!

Hubs: Um, no. That would be BILL CLINTON, who used to be our PRESIDENT.

Me: Oh him.

Hubs: Sometimes you frighten me.


In other news, I would like to thank Cecilia at The Greenest Mermaid for the Happy Award!

I am supposed to list ten things that make me happy, but at the moment I am concerned with only two words that bring me happiness - THE OLYMPICS.

Oh, one other thing that brings me much happiness? Corresponding with the people who read my blog. Please hit me up on Twitter (@isuck_atthis) and don't hesitate to send me a gchat message if you see me online (ireallysuckatthis). And you can always do things the old fashioned way and email me at ireallysuckatthis (at) gmail (dot) com, or leave a comment. I don't always respond to my comments in a timely fashion (please see blog title), but I do respond eventually, and I value every single comment!

To pass on the love, I want to mention two blogs that I can't get enough of. I know I have said it before, but I LOVE Amber at Nostomanic. She's absolutely hilarious, and I kind of want to be her BFF. But not in a weird stalker way (I promise). Another blog that is relatively new to my Google Reader line up that I am really digging is Tracy on the Cheap. If there is one thing I am, it's cheap. I'm not nearly as stylish as Tracy, but her blog gives me hope. I have seen several things on her blog that I just have to have. I saw an amazing shirt on her site, and then almost cried when Conversation Pieces had sold out of my size. She's like my own personal Stacey and Clinton (but she doesn't make fun of my wardrobe!).


Masala Chica said...

I will check them out!

Sadako said...

Congrats! Nostomanic is an awesome blog. And the Stacey/Clinton thing made me lol.

Steph said...

Congrats on the award.

Tell The Hub's I'd think of Clinton Kelly, too. I'd also be more inclined to care as well!! lol

The Ashes said...

I should be watching more of the Olympics.. but Im not. I hope I can at least catch figure skating!!!

Tracy said...

I love it!! Thanks for the shout out! You should see what I wear in real life...yikes! Yoga pants, sweatshirts and anything where the spit up stains are only slightly noticeable usually passes as a fashionable outfit. :)

nikki said...

My husband also told me about Clinton getting stents. And I was like, 'Oh, is she going to be OK?' And he said, 'Bill, not Hillary.'

Bill Clinton? Oh yeah...he was relevant at one point, right?

Cecilia said...

Hooray for being a dork! :) Well deserved my humble opinion...

perfectlycursedlife said...

I'm excited to check out these new (to me) blogs.

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