Thursday, January 7, 2010

Things no one tells you about being pregnant - TMI Thursday

Yesterday was a horrible day. I had a bad day, and everyone I know had a bad day. Everyone I love seems to be dealing with illness or broken relationships. I tried to post yesterday, but I was just too down - it hurt too much to put all those emotions into writing.

Well, it's a new day. Time for some smiles and laughter! I can't control the circumstances, but I can control my outlook. LiLu has a great feature at her blog called TMI Thursday - a chance to overshare and make fun of yourself (or others). This is my first TMI Thursday submission - what no one ever told me about being pregnant.

I was about eight months pregnant, and HUGE. I looked like I had stolen a basketball and hid it under my shirt. Life was generally uncomfortable, and I had to pee about 80092834 times a day. A couple of my friends had told me that while, they were pregnant, the baby rolled onto their bladder in the night, and they had ended up wetting the bed. I was so glad this hadn't happened to me.

One day, I came home from work, and the first thing I did (after going to the bathroom, of course) was change into my pjs. While changing I realized that something smelled like pee. Upon further examination, I realized that the smell was coming from the crotch of my pants. Uh, what? I hadn't peed my pants, and I hadn't peed ON my pants...why did my pants smell like pee? I checked out my undies, and yes, they were a little damp, but that was normal right? All my pregnancy books went into far too much detail about discharge and other disgustingness. I am ashamed to admit what I did next: I smelled my panties. OMG PEE SMELL! I finally put the pieces of the puzzle together.

IT WAS ME. I WAS THE PEE SMELL. No, I hadn't full on wet myself. But, the pressure of the baby on my bladder was making me leak urine. I was walking around smelling like pee all day, not even realizing it. I went to the hamper (or possibly a pile on the floor) and dug out the previous day's pants. PEE SMELL. HOW LONG HAD I BEEN WALKING AROUND SMELLING LIKE URINE? WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME I SMELLED LIKE PEE?

For the rest of my pregnancy, I took precautions to prevent smelling like a dirty bathroom. I am still to embarrassed to ask any of my friends if they ever noticed my scent issues.

(With all the urine and underwear-smelling, I can only imagine the Google Search Results I'll be appearing in now.)


T. The Destructor said...

Wow. Adoption it is then! LOL. I mean, it makes sense but since my bladder is a little overactive as it is, I can't imagine the waterfalls I'd be having.

I'd have to depend on Depends. Gah.

LiLu said...

I can't believe no one TOLD you!!! That is girl code, man!!

carissajaded said...

hahaha at least you had pregnancy as your excuse!! I've sneezed before and ended up walking around all day smelling of pee!

The Ashes said...

Id be horrified!!

Amber said...

This whole time I've been riding the bus to work and school, blaming the pee smell on homeless people and winos when it was really coming from pregnant ladies!

Anyway, I hope you're having a better day.

P said...

Oh god, how embarrassing!

Maybe no one realised it was you?

I Really Suck At This said...

Let me tell you, being pregnant is no joke. I have stories to fill the next few TMI Thursdays.

And THANK YOU Lilu, I CAN'T BELIEVE NO ONE TOLD ME! P, I hope you are right, and no one realized it was me.

Sadako said...

Man, I'm not looking forward to having babies myself. Hugs!!

Shannon SVH said...

Me neither, Sadako. Another friend of mine just had a baby, and her stories are really making me reconsider my decision to have children someday.

michelle said...

oh that's crazy... a million people in my office have had babies in the last couple years (i'm pretty sure there's something in the water), but i don't remember anyone smelling like pee. perhaps it's not as noticeable if you aren't in super close proximity...?

Zan said...


That is all.

nikki said...

Yeah, pregnancy could fill a volume of TMI Thursdays. Then Labor and Delivery could fill another two. Episiotomy talk anyone...?

I Really Suck At This said...

Michelle, I hope you are right!

Zan - I definitely learned that lesson! Next time I will be prepared!

nikki - I HEAR YOU! I had no idea how gory labor and delivery was going to be!

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