Sunday, December 13, 2009

I will kill you with my kindness.

So there's this person that doesn't like me.

What? you ask. How could that be!? I can already tell from the short life of this blog that you are supremely likable.

All I can say is: I know. I'm shocked, too.

Anyway, this person doesn't like me. I'm not entirely sure why, it's not that we know each other all that well. This person is a friend of a friend, so I see them somewhat often. They've never come out and said they don't like me, not even to said mutual friend, but I just KNOW I'm not liked. I am fluent in passive aggressive. I'm married, after all.

I've decided to deal with this person by being as absolutely nice as I can be whenever I see them. I am full of smiles and compliments. How have you been! Love your shirt! Here, want half of my Snickers bar?

Do I do this because I really want to be this person's friend? Do I do this in the hopes that my sweet and sunny personality will win this person over, and they will suddenly become Team Me?

No. I do it just to bother PWDLM (Person Who Doesn't Like Me). They already dislike me for no discernible reason. Why give them a reason? It's more fun to be nice and watch them squirm. And if this person were to complain about me to someone else, what are they going to say? That I complimented their sweater? How mean!

Being this nice to someone who so obviously doesn't like me brings me so much pleasure, I almost feel like a jerk for doing it. No wonder they can't stand me.

1 comment:

michelle said...

lol that's fantastic. i tend to ignore people who don't like me. it's usually either over something dumb or because the person doesn't actually know me very well. keep up the sweetness :)

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