Tuesday, December 15, 2009

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I recently read a post on a message board where a woman in her twenties complained about being single. More specifically, she complained about the fact that "everyone" was married and she was not. And it! was! not! fair!

I have been married as many years and I have fingers on one hand. And I love it. The Hubs is amazing. A few months ago, we had our first child. I love being a mom. The Peanut is equally amazing. Overall, life is good and I feel blessed.

However, this life is not always what it is cracked up to be. As I write this post, I am home with a sick baby. Barney and Friends is on, I haven't showered, and I have a huge project to get done, oh like NOW, on which I am way behind. Hubs and I had a huge fight last night because at 10:30 pm he asked if I would mind baking cookies for the Christmas lunch at work - The lunch that was happening today. My suggestion of going to by some Soft Batch did not go over well. Peanut has been having explosive diarrhea, and every time he falls asleep, the dog barks and manages to wake him up. YAY FOR MARRIAGE AND BABIES!

I read blogs by some amazing women. Some of these women are single and child-free. They have great careers. They are able to do as they please - go to amazing parties, go out for drinks after work, go see a movie or concert whenever they feel like it. I get to go to Target when we're out of diapers. And sometimes, I get a little bit jealous of these ladies because their lives seem much more exciting and glamorous than mine.

I know this post is sounding complainy, but that's not really my intent. I wouldn't trade my life for anything. I just want to let all the beautiful single girls out there know that this is a great time in your life, so embrace it! Go out and have fun, and don't worry about marriage and kids just yet. Enjoy your freedom and have some adventures! Because believe it or not, you will miss your singlehood when it is gone.

And for those of us fortunate enough to be happily married and/or with children, we have to remember to be thankful for what we have, even on the fighting, no sleep, explosive diarrhea days. Because they are precious too, and there are lots of people who would love to have what we have.


michelle said...

if i'd read this two months ago, i probably would've pouted/cried. not that i'm itching to get married (already figured that out), but i missed being in a relationship. now, not so much. it's nice feeling comfortable with my singleness again :)

i hope your peanut feels better and you get through the project soon!

I Really Suck At This said...

Thank you! Peanut is much better today, and project is thisclose to being done!

Steph said...

Gosh, this is the truth! You're always going to long for a bit of what you don't have. I don't worry so much about being single, but ending up old and alone :(

On the upside, glad baby peanut is feeling better!!

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